The Scandinavian Diet

A diet that offers steady, stable and healthy weight reduction with an easy, powerful and natural diet

Scandinavians are eating more butter, eggs and cream. They are no longer afraid of fatty foods.

This popular Low Carb High Fat Diet is a major success in Sweden and Norway thanks to Dr Sofie Hexeberg, Sten Sture Skaldeman and Lars-Erik Litsfeldt.

Scandinavians are buying more and more high-fat products. Low Carb High Fat is truly becoming the Scandinavian Diet.

Now you too can learn more about the Scandinavian way to a slimmer healthier way of life. On this web site you will find diet advice, our Scandinavian Diet books, menu examples with some recipes and links to other advice sites.

Three special, passionate books, setting out the benefits of a Low Carb High Fat Diet, are now on sale in the UK.

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Diabetes? No thanks Lose Weight by eating

Healthy with Low Carbs

Diabetes ? No Thanks!

Lars-Erik Litsfeldt

Lose Weight by Eating

Sten Sture Skaldeman

Healthy with Low Carbs

Dr Sofie Hexeberg